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  1. settings.java has all donator items in there just delete the ones you dont want to be donator
  2. Good luck always fed up of seeing 718 and 317s
  3. I love the old 562 and use jre 6 instead of 7
  4. [URL="www.000webhost.com"]www.000webhost.com[/URL] is pretty good however you cant do remote mysql for vote 4 cash and stuff like that
  5. I'm Sam and I am willing to help anyone who needs assistance with coding. I can also teach you a few things [CENTER][U][B]What can I do?[/B][/U] ◾General RsPs coding -Client and Server sided (Most Revisions) ◾Website - Forum Webpage (Some MSQL) [U][B]Cost[/B][/U] ◾Small Projects - Free ◾Big Projects - Cost (Reasonably Prices) [B][U]Contact[/U][/B] Message me on Runelocus or Add Me on Skype: Samuelclark97 [URL="skype:samuelclark97"][ATTACH=CONFIG]8546[/ATTACH][/url] [/CENTER]
  6. Well it might not be good but its something dont post if you dont like
  7. lol you guys rage at everything
  8. You guys are going made over a bit of code. Thanks for this
  9. Do you have your cache in data/cache and are you running it with jre7
  10. says you already have value23 in there so you may need to delete it
  11. samclark

    Webclient 718

    Okay you need to compile your client with jkd6 not 7 and then you need to sign the client with the same jdk 6 as well im pretty sure thats the problem
  12. nice this will be good for eco servers good job
  13. Thanks this may be useful :)
  14. Can you connect to it yourself and have you allowed everything trough your firewall?