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  1. anyone have the link to download?
  2. Zittla

    718 Source help

    the lost realm is down the download link for it :/
  3. uhm the download link for source is down mind if you re post the link i realy want this for my base and im actually learning also how to do a 718 server :P
  4. Zittla


    nothing wrong wiht ur cache cheack ur map folder and see if you can fix it up thats what i had to do
  5. Zittla

    718 Source help

    Hey anyone know a good 718 source/client to use with dung, summoning and stuff like this? ive tryed 2 search for manny sources but most sources are like i cant see walls and stuff when i open it and try 2 log on and i did put cache in the data folder on those sources ive tryed but any recomandations? I realy wanted to move up from 474 source to 718.
  6. i also get this issue nad i dont get it how to even fix it rofl
  7. says link down lol :/
  8. Zittla

    New to rsps

    okay i tryed the PI DynamicX but ima find a new source hehe its way 2 much pk based i will try the OverloadX source ^^
  9. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M5q5TRuAsY&feature=g-logo-xit[/url] something i found hehe incase you wanna know wich one doesnt break that fast
  10. Zittla

    New to rsps

    okay thank you ima test it :P also anyone know any good 317 eco server source to use? with pk point system or something
  11. Zittla

    New to rsps

    okay thank you but what version are them in and are they stable? i mean so u dont dc 24/7
  12. Zittla

    New to rsps

    Hey, i just wonder on a few things im new to runescape private servers and i would like a few tips about what server type i should try i mean source and client for 600+ if possible to do, as an starter i know my english isnt verry good but i try my best. Are there any source you guys would recomand or something to start out with so are 600+ and client ( or mabey 700+ if that is an option also). I realy like runscape and i played it alot since i was 9 years old, even on and off and now i think its time to try, making a private server from a source that already are made by someone else just to test out on local.