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  1. I'm sure this was some sort of misunderstanding, could you elaborate?
  2. Hi guys! We're a brand new 718 loading 742 server with great custom features looking to build a community. Here are some more features: Server Features All skills working Player owned shops Dungeoneering system Prestige system with display Grand Exchange Custom bosses Dwarf multi cannon Squeal of Fortune QBD, Bork, GWD, Glacors, Nomad Double XP Scrolls Charm magnet (Auto pickup charms like Charming Imp) Drygores and offhand Client Features Zoomable (shift + scroll) Shift drop (shift + click) Join us today! https://tuox.pw More Media Join us today!
  3. Vouchin' for z0mg, Vote4Cash went really nice and he is completing legit. I definitely recommend him if you need any of those services!