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  1. If you have no schooling on Web Development then let me introduce to you WordPress! I use it for all my clients that want to make their own updates as it is VERY straight forward for most things and user-friendly. Also, you can get AMAZING themes for WordPress at themeforest.net for a really good price. If you want more information or help just contact me via my company website: blacksmith-studios.com I will gladly help you with any questions you have.
  2. Overall Feedback: - Need a splash page instead of going right to the toplist. This will open up options for income such as advertising servers. - Needs to be responsive in my opinion. 60% of users will use their phone or tablet first to look at a website before going to desktop. - Change body background to #ddd instead of #eee, it helps for styling. - Need account management functionality such as change email, change password, etc. - The top banner should be 1 image not 2, better for scaling. Toplist Feedback: - Each server div could have better typography and styling. - When the user clicks the down arrow that shows the online, uptime, and vote; make it so it Transitions through CSS or the .animate function in jQuery. - Tags on hover should go to a darker shadow of the light blue. - Server rank/title div shouldn't have a fixed width, it should scale to the title. Instead have a max-width. Server Page Feedback: - Title width shouldn't be fixed, should be like above. - The links can be changed into button styles with hover effects. - Images should be scaled to fit either 3 images or 2 images. If staying as 2 images then text-align:center the ul of the media class. Search Feedback: - Search is broken on 1024 x 768 screen and lower. Add Server Feedback: - "Add a server" is bugged on 1024 x 768 screen and lower. Upgrade Feedback: - Need to add more packages. Maybe have them as buttons leading to actual pages? Overall, amazing work! It's not easy making a toplist website. If you want help with anything let me know. you can check out my linkedin page [URL="http://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonytrivisano"]here[/URL]
  3. Total honesty, I think RuneLocus' logo can be a lot better than it is currently... As for your graphics, I don't like the shadowing at all and the graphic looks a little pixelated. I do like the effects you did that overlay the font though.
  4. [quote name='Ziek`']Um... Why?[/QUOTE] To start a conversation? To gather opinions? What the hell does it matter why... I opened what seemed to be a simple thread, I guess not...
  5. [quote name='HDZx']You trying to act like Ikiliki?[/QUOTE] Really man...? I am just asking for RSPS Owner's Opinions...
  6. Hey Everyone, I just have some questions pertaining to paying for advertisements. Please give me your honest opinion but don't flame. 1. How much a month would you pay to be on the Homepage of RuneLocus? 2. What is the most important features to have available to you as a RSPS Owner on RuneLocus? 3. Would you pay for your own webclient page on RuneLocus if you were able to use your own .JAR file, have your own navigation, chat, background, etc? If so, how much would you pay a month for this service? 4. What is more important to you as an Owner, Banner at the footer of RuneLocus or having a Gold Status and being at the top of the top list?
  7. [quote name='StevenAbraham']Neither of these are my server and this post is not an advertisement. I just saw these two and think they deserve some recognition. 1. RecklessPK - They are the first server I've seen in a while to take such a big lead over soulsplit. I think they might even hold number one for this entire month. I played it for a couple minutes and it has a really active pking base. Grats on #1! 2. Rune Z - Probably the most creative idea for an RSPS I've ever seen. It's Zombie survival runescape style! I played it for a couple minutes and it was extremely fun. Thumbs up for creativity! Best of Luck to you both.[/QUOTE] RecklessPK is very well coded and maintained. I remember when they first started out the Owner was very loyal to his players and go to know the community, not sure if he still appears in the game as I don't play anymore. Rune Z is EXTREMELY well coded. I played in for about an couple of hours without realizing that hours went by because it was, as you said, FUN! Most servers are all the same really, no originality...
  8. Hey, So I would like to suggest you fix this asap... I went to recover my password for my MyLocus account. It game me some numbers but when I go to use those numbers in the password it says its wrong...
  9. [quote name='webahead']Web designing is the basic foundation of any website. To build an attractive website, web design is the most important aspect. Web design decides that what will be the look and functions of your website.Usability features and functionality also depends on the web design. Hence, web design is the basic part in website development and it must be taken into consideration very seriously. To make this thing somewhat easy for you, we have some tips and ideas to create an attractive and user friendly business website design. Some of the important tips while designing a websites are given below [B]:-[/B] [B]1)[/B] Always keep in mind that your website must look simple and the functionalities of your website should be user friendly. [B]2)[/B] The basic structure of your website must be clear and straight forward. [B]3)[/B] All web pages of website must be designed in such a way that make it search engine friendly. [B]4)[/B] The text of your website is one of the most important aspects of your website because that makes the visitor of website to understand what you wanted to convey. [B]5)[/B] Easy navigation from one web page to another is one of the important factor that must be considered while web design. [B]6)[/B] Your content should be very informative through which user could easily get information about your products and services. [B]7)[/B] Although you have done all the things perfectly but if website is not compatible to the all browsers then it has no use. So, make your website cross browser compatible.[/QUOTE] This isn't clear at all... It just raises more questions for people that don't know Web Development... Such as: 1. What is a user friendly design? How simplistic? 2. Something that is clear and straight forward for one person might not be for another. What do you mean by "clear" and "straight forward"? 3. How do you design for SEO friendly? What are the best practices? 4. What do you mean text, like the size? weight? family? Examples of good and bad ones? 5. What is an "easy navigation"...? 6. What do you mean "informative"? Do you mean how it is displayed on each page? 7. What is Cross-Browser Compatibility? Examples? You should really go into more depth when giving tips... Most Web Developers already know these things but the users that want to become Web Developers need more in depth explanations.
  10. Interesting, what kind of security did you use?
  11. Quick question... Did you code anything from scratch? Donate, Vote4Points, and Forums can be done from tutorials...
  12. LMFAO!!!! That made me laugh so hard just now!!! Quick, how do you spell CSS??? LMFAO!!!
  13. That's crazy! I didn't know about that, I am sorry... I was just thinking what about a custom forum? RuneLocus Framework ;) Just a random thought... That kinda sucks that there is exploits, BUT if you were to create your own forum, you could create your own security that is much better than vBulletin's couldn't you?
  14. Hey, So I noticed that there are multiple databases or multiple user tables... In my opinion, this is kind of annoying... Having 2-3 different accounts within 1 website? I had to create a separate username to log in and create a server. I just think there should be a universal user table or even better, 1 database. I know vBulletin makes it's own Database but I believe you guys are beyond capable of creating your own forum ;) Anyways, I just wanted to suggest a single user table or a single database.
  15. I would: 1. make is Responsive 2. Add a slider for the home page 3. Add a Play button along with a Vote button