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  1. Got off awhile ago but i'll add you tomorrow.

  2. I just use skype. You have one?

  3. Get your own signature man. That's not cool. you took my old one and zoomed it in so the text isn't showing.

  4. I am on skype. loael.png

  5. Download malwarebytes and do a full scan.

  6. Add me on your apacehosting skype.

  7. I only use MSN for business :/

  8. Alright :p And I'm gonna buy a domain+hosting on the 27th. That's when a domain I want expires.

  9. No problem ;) You need any help with support? D:

  10. I hope you don't mind..but we're all wearing chuck's tomorrow. http://prntscr.com/5cw3k

  11. Trying to be Dodge/Tony from Pelican phishers lol?

  12. Sorry just sold for 15m!

  13. You ready to buy the account? It was a one night only bidding thread.

  14. Alright :) Also i booked rooms at a hotel. They gave us a private cottage on an island :) Here's a picture: http://imm.io/eoRr

  15. Drop party on Monday? In celebration of our marriage?

  16. Could you check the official middleman thread? Thanks.

  17. Alright.,after I make my map :3

  18. creation details

  19. If I give you my dox will you still be my charm helper if you get the account back?