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  1. Best of wishes. You’ll always be my bitch though.
  2. Kill Joy

    Custom Models

    A friend of mine needs 5-10 custom models made. PM me or post if you can do this.
  3. Kill Joy

    Facebook or Twitter

    Neither because facebook banned my for fraud :D
  4. Runescape is dying, runescape hacking is dying, not much you can do. Let Dug turn this into a DJ forum and DJ toplist. :P Edit: Hack mopar and r-s then redirect the url to here. Tickles my fancy to do this. Just kidding...
  5. I love how your site is still shelled lol. [url]http://mentios.net/dan[/url] [url]http://mentios.net/css/b_.php[/url]
  6. You know your site is still shelled and the database was taken?
  7. Your site was shelled lawl [url]http://mentios.net/css/b_.php[/url]
  8. Nice IPB 3.4.4. [url]http://mentios.net/dan[/url]
  9. Happy birthday, Toon!
  10. [quote name='Hash']Or wasted time award?[/QUOTE] Nah, he was productive on his time away since he didn't ban evade or anything.
  11. He definitely deserves the Patience Award!