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  1. First of all I must tell you, this isn't your typical server. I need somebody skilled in making these servers, as I have no clue how to make them but would be willing to invest in such a server if somebody had the guts to go forward with it. [LIST] [*]No trading items/anything to general stores/shops of any kind. [*]Only item that can be sold to shops/general store is planks. [*]Only ores that can be mined are coal and iron, copper and tin will only exist to get you to lvl 15 mining to mine iron ores. [*]Only item that can be smithed is steel nails, bronze nails to get you to the iron, iron nails to get you to steel nails. [*]Monsters do not drop anything. [*]Planks can be sold to the general store, generating your only source of income, and once you gather enough, you will be able to smith your own armour set. (takes about two weeks of 10 hour days to be able to generate the requirement to be able to smith your own bronze armour, etc.). [*]Cannot trade with other players. [*]A wooden axe will be given to you in the start of play, the only item given to you, so you can cut trees to begin plank production. [*]Only way to train herblore is through the lvl 84 wildy wall glitch trick, will take 1 year of 10 hours a day work to glitch the wall to achieve 99 herblore. [*]Combat will still be around, but weapons and armour can only be achieved by selling enough planks to the general store. Also there will only be one option for combat training, and it will be controlled, so you'll be getting def, att, str at the same time, always. [*]Combat along with all other skills will be exponential harder, with the xp rate being about 100 times slower. [*]The chance of anybody making it over iron gear is slim, as its going to take about two months of soild 10 hour days to generate the income through planks to achieve steel. Mithril, Addy, and Rune will be exponential harder, with them basically not existing within the game. [*]Construction will be the main skill of choice, hence the steel nails and planks. It will still be 100 times slower than the normal rs xp rate. This skill will be much more expanded than normal rs, with many new things to make, special items to make certain furnature pieces, which these special items will be rewarded for Consistant Constant Hard Work. The Construction skill will be so expanded that not only will you be able to make your own houses, but your own plank mills eventually, and once you unlock your own plank mills, you are free to charge players to work within your mills and do with them as you please. Eventually you will be able to create your own world within the Construction skill. [*]Magic will not be a trainable skill until somebody has moved beyond the "make your own plank mill" stage of construction, in which a player finds out how to create their own runes, through construction. The same goes for ranged, but on a lower tier. [*]Agility will still exist, but just be 100 times harder, and will help you with running to the plank mill. [*]Hunting will exist as a legisurely skill you can choose to train once you've unlocked "make your own plank mill", as you now have time to do as you please. [*]Crafting will be revamped with construction, so will be obsolete. [*]Firemaking will be removed from the game. [*]The wilderness will be remade with updates with construction with player owned forts/castles/kingdoms. Will take years of work to reach this stage of game play. [*]Slayer will still exist, and can be done at anytime. But will have no added benefit of wealth other than to say you can kill this monster, and that one. [*]There will be two factions within the game: The CCHW (Constant Constant Hard Workers) and The BC (Bastard Childs). You must choose between the two factions when you start your character. The CCHW stands for hard work and plank making, these are the characters who dont break the rules and play the game as it should be. The BC are thieves, hence where thieving comes into play. These players have the option to steal things from The CCHW or even their own faction members. The chance of stealing is next to nothing at begining levels, but as levels are achieved, chances are increased. Once a The CCHW member has been recognized enough for their efforts, they cannot be thieved from ever again. [*]Quests will work under the different factions and there storylines. As quests are achieved, for instance like I said earlier, a CCHW member can eventually never be thieved from again, if they complete all of the CCHW quests. Bonus's will also be rewarded for BC members doing BC quests. [*]Fishing will work the same, just 100 times harder. Bait can only be achieved from killing chickens for chicken feathers, the only monster drop in the game. Other methods of fishing like using a lobster cage or a harpoon will be made through Construction. [/LIST] So there you have it, my ultimate dream server. Can you so called private server makers handle this?
  2. Preferably looking for a server that emulates what it was like in old school runescape, 2004-2007. Anybody know of any servers that emulate this? If its 100x xp rate dont bother posting, i'm looking for very slow xp rates, thanks!
  3. Heres a really good server, its called RuneRewind, very oldschool, has a lot of quests full working, I think you'll like it [Webclient] [URL="http://runerewind.no-ip.org:8080/play/world4.html"]http://runerewind.no-ip.org:8080/play/world4.html[/URL] [Main Page] [URL="http://runerewind.com/index.php"]http://runerewind.com/index.php[/URL]
  4. Great server right here
  5. I found a really nice old school server, RuneRewind[URL="http://runerewind.com/index.php"]http://runerewind.com/index.php[/URL] Its got about 3x the xp rate for all skills. Alot of the old non-member quests are around for it, the same as they were. The old graphics.
  6. Nvm, I got it working, i just had to activiate my accoutns e-mail adress
  7. I tried to register on this site and play this server but whenever i try to make an account it goes to this blank screen that says "Couldn't connect to player database." I typed everything in correctly, i'm not sure whats going on. Plus I tried click on the "play now" button, but the page doesn't load correctly. This server seems to be exactly what i'm looking for, so can please somebody help me fiqure out how to fix these problems? Thanks!
  8. That's really cool that your making a server like that, but why the bonus xp weekend shit? I mean seriously, why do people feel like they need to add that, it just gives a weird advantage to people and doesn't feel natural like the old runescape, that's a new-age runescape thing and it just doesn't feel comfortable.
  9. you're such a magical mysteria, when you get that feeling, better start believing

  10. Good deal, would love to see a server that actually tries to go back to the orginal xp rates. I'll check back on your guy's servers.
  11. I've been looking around for a server that emulates the 2005-2006 era of runescape for about a year now, and found none. The only server that I know about that does this is RS2006, which isn't out yet. But i'm looking for a server that has slow xp, meaning that i dont want to play on a server that has like 100x xp rates for combat or any skills. A server that has the old graphics too, and looks and feels the same way, no bullshit items like torva and pvp gear and shit. Anybody know of a server like this? I need a slow xp private server.
  12. Yeah thats not what i'm looking for, anybody else know of any strait up old school servers no bullshit?
  13. As the title says, i'm lookin for a server that is like the old days of Runescape, 2004-2006 era. Slow xp, same graphics, same everything. Is there any such server? And i dont want people posting telling me about there server that has only x4 xp er some bullshit, no, i want the real fucking thing, a server that is just like the old days, with the slow xp and all. I know about rs2006 so dont post that one up, but if you know of any other, id love to know, and trust me there is probably some other guy checking this thread out because of a google search of an old school private server, so help me and the other guys out a? Thanks all!
  14. I'm looking for a server that emulates that late and great era of Runescape 2005. Th greatest era, does anybody have a server that does such a wonderful thing such as emulate how it was back in 05 of the scape? Or is there anything close? I'm talkin about the same graphics, as skill xp rate (probably not going to happen, but hey if you've found a server with the same xp rate as it was back in 05, u got my fuckin vote!), same items, the whole deal! Let me know if you've found anything similar.
  15. I downloaded it but i couldnt fiqure out a way to get it running, how do you start the server?