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  1. [quote name='Wtf turmoil']If Emps a decent coder, then that makes you a shit hole that feel from the sky.[/QUOTE] And you're a thirteen year old troll that needs to crawl back into his cave. I'd classify Emp as a decent programmer also. Programming doesn't revolve around RSPS, it's the other way around. Just because you're good at basic stuff in RSPS programming doesn't mean you're going to be good at other stuff.
  2. Mm... I can say i've never scammed either, but does that really mean I haven't? There's no way of telling if you're lying or not. Anyways, I believe this conversation can end here because I don't feel like putting up with anymore of you and your childish bullshit. That being said, just stop.

  3. Believe it or not. I never scammed once. At most I MMed and the buyer recovered and I was accused but thats it. I never scammed. Never will.

  4. You act like it's a big deal that somebody scams. I'm sure you've scammed before, whether it be on runelocus or outside. I'm close to quitting anyways. I really, really, couldn't care less if I get banned. Please, just stop. PS: This is only my second scam against a member. (I paid back the rest, only reason why I didn't pay back one of them is because I can't get in contact with them).

  5. I'm going to make my self clear, what your saying about how everyone hates me doesn't effect me the slightest I may have haters but that doesn't mind me for now. Remember bud, Words don't hurt

  6. Why did you even come back? You're a 13 year old spamming, flaming, trolling, lunatic. You're the one we should be getting rid of. Sure scammers piss off one or two members, they don't piss off the whole forum. Runelocus was way more peaceful without you here.

  7. Well idc really about the age thing I admit I lied to that not like I really care. All I care about is getting rid of a scammer like yourself.

  8. That scam would've happened whether the staff team was compromised or not. You're just mad because I caught you in the middle of your little age lie. Please, just stop trying to get me banned because I couldn't care less if I did.