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  1. In your client, go to 'client.java' search for 'ip' untill you find a no-ip or some numbers that look like an ip. save and compile and ur all done :)
  2. Good work. Don't kno why the above people are saying its shit.
  3. [CENTER][B][SIZE=4]Synx508[/SIZE][/B] Hello there, Welcome to Synx508's official project thread. I am mainly doing this thread so I myself can keep a look at my progress as I develop this new Project. And of course for the lovely people of Runelocus to have a look on what I am currently working on. [B][U]What is Synx508?[/U][/B] Synx508 is hopefully going to bring back some 508 servers. Synx508 aims to reborn 508 servers like never before. [B][U]Currently Added[/U][/B] [spoiler=Skills] [CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Red[/COLOR] = Not added [COLOR="#008000"]Green[/COLOR] = Added [COLOR="#FFD700"]Orange[/COLOR] = Started - [COLOR="#FFD700"]Woodcutting[/COLOR]- Fishing - [COLOR="#FF0000"]Mining[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#FF0000"]Smithing[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#FF0000"]Herblore[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#FFD700"]Fletching[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#FF0000"]Crafting[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#FF0000"]Firemaking[/COLOR] - [COLOR="#FF0000"]Thieving[/COLOR][/CENTER] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Combat] Combat is about 80% Complete. I am still working on perfect switching and a few more special attacks. I will update more on combat when I work more on it. [/spoiler] [U][B]When will I update this project thread?[/B][/U] I should be updating this project thread every other day with the latest updates with screenshots. [spoiler=Media] Media coming soon [/spoiler] There will be a support signature coming soon. This is a temporary thread layout and in the next few days I will make it a lot more easier to read with a more professional look and feel. Thanks for reading my thread and I hope you come back regularly to see the progress I have been making.[/CENTER]
  4. Closed, Moved to Synx508
  5. I Want to start a project but not sure on what revision or source to use. Im not to fond on pi as alot of people just mod it to shit now. Let me know what i should do
  6. I Want to start a project but not sure on what revision or source to use. Im not to fond on pi as alot of people just mod it to shit now. Let me know what i should do :)
  7. I started playing in 07 I think, I loved it. I was always phoning my friend and playing runescape with her over the phone. Good memories from 2007. Shame Runescape sucks now. Should of stayed in 508's revision
  8. Tricky

    how i do this

    If your new to RSPS, i don't recommend you doing this as this is very advance. Of course there are sources available to on the download section so you can work from them. Good luck
  9. Edit ur compile.bat and remove '/Server'
  10. [B][CENTER]Guess Who's Back :)[/CENTER][/B] Hi guys, I used to be a 508 programmer, helped with Bulby and now I feel that it is time for me to come back into the Runescape Server scene. Not many people probably remember me now as I quit about 2 years ago. I am looking for some advice to do with my new server. I want to code a 317 but not sure what base to use and how the game play should work. I want to try and be different. It would be appreciated if you could post below some sources for me to look at and new ways to make the game-play better. I'm also willing to help a lot of people with coding, feel free to add my Skype: Slatebud I would go to the newer versions of Runescape, but Runescape is just so FKED up now and 317/508 are the best makes of Runescape. Feels so good to be back, and hopefully I can give my Sources to you guys! lolking
  11. [quote name='Danielxx']which ever one you find more appealing?[/QUOTE] I used to code 508's
  12. Its been about a Year and a Half since I Quit with Java development, Im very tempted to come back. If i do what is the best server debo to work on now?
  13. Im Thinking about coming back to RSPS, and im wondering which Debo is now the best to code?.