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  1. warsan98

    New logo?

    Just let them post in the graphics thread and if theres any good ones maybe use them in the future?
  2. Runelocus is still joyable whether theres less traffic or not:D
  3. wow, first time i've tried something like this and it actually works so far:) Nice find:D
  4. [quote name='Ramsin']You should of told him to go to a old traditional website [URL="http://youfail.org"]http://youfail.org[/URL] edit:link not working anymore... :([/QUOTE] You fail:P
  5. yew aussies:) hahah
  6. a new home and alert tool that me and a friend have been developing[ATTACH=CONFIG]2583[/ATTACH]
  7. Name: BEN Got any experience we're looking for?(can also be Java): coded 317's for about 1.5-2 years and have recently been coding a 614 project Age: 16
  8. I'm not trying to achieve anything, im just quoting that there are too many people trying to act smart. I made a simple thread explaining that flaming and hating is pretty pointless in most cases
  9. Hey, does anyone know how to edit item bonuses on 614 dementhium source? for example i want to make a owner armour set to pretty much dominate anything. thankyou -Warsan98
  10. warsan98


    [quote name='DJBladeRoxx']I have done the website for him, until he pays me i wont change the name. Link [url]http://armazori.byethost18.com/[/url] < proof i have done it. Now waiting.[/QUOTE] looks neat:)
  11. I would personally stick with AMD:)