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  1. [quote name='storm powner']is there an character folder in your source at data???? otherwise it wont save data cause it can't find the folder[/QUOTE] Yes there is, but i fixed it. Thanks for replying anyway.
  2. Hi, while testing a source i had a problem with characters that don't save. If i log in and log out, there isn't been any file made in the source so nothing can be saved. Does anyone know a solution? Also, i can't find tutorials on how to change the positions of permanent npc's like shops and how to change what they have in the shop? I'm on a 317 server; TrisidiaX V3. Thanks! :cool:
  3. Hey new server hope u going to like it new server so only 20 players on i think pls join! Website: prodigy-world.tk WebClient: prodigy-webclient.tk YouTube: Client Download: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! Enjoy!