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  1. [quote name='ratio']Saradomin 667 > Saradomin 718 > Saradomin 793.. Getting worse and worse..[/QUOTE] oh but your projects are really nice? owait you can't code I forgot lol
  2. [quote name='AngelsMachosrealm']whats that ? "bump"[/QUOTE] exactly what it sounds like.... a bump
  3. [quote name='ToySoul']Its no fucking fake post[/QUOTE] nobody said it's fake.... it's called a false positive
  4. Avast is the worst anti virus known to the internet.
  5. I can gladly say we started developing something nobody has had fully working before.
  6. [quote name='Danielxx']they have updated a few things after I made my comment, next time check..[/QUOTE] You think we added those things because you said it's basic? Oh god....
  7. [quote name='Titanium']Server is looking really good because of Velocity, Taste, and the development(Team + Actual Development) is making some very good progress. You guys have my support and hope this grows into a pretty large server. :)[/QUOTE] Thanks man really appreciate the support. We still have tons of things to do yes but we will get there ;)
  8. [quote name='Danielxx']Looks pretty basic for a 718, never the less best of luck[/QUOTE] It is far from a done release. Also a lot of things were not shown. E.g. the 100% working loyalty store, the fully automated voting, donating etc...
  9. [quote name='Badger191']I'm bloody retarded, I don't know how to program and can't read code, did not take a close glance at the piece of code... It may not be iterating three times, but it's referencing playerHandler at index j which is in no way bad. I'm sorry for being retarded.[/QUOTE] I have fixed your message.
  10. [quote name='axter']I've never seen a worse way to do this. Thanks for the gfx/anims tho[/QUOTE] You're so utterly retarded. He is not specifying any way to do it, only providing you with the information. What is your problem? Everywhere you go you act big and tough, trust me, you're shit. Go already.
  11. [quote name='Heroeswar']nice releche but more pll are bussy tocrack matrix XD[/QUOTE] You are so full of shit, no lies.
  12. I can tell by so many aspects you know what you're doing. Amazing release, very well done. Framework is neat, structured properly, good conventions. Good release.
  13. [img]http://ksnp.co/VlGbA.png[/img] Working perfectly as rs, transparency, fluid width, support for colors etc etc. For sale: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?80515-Client-New-RuneScape-Interaction-Hover-Client-PI-FAST-LEGIT&p=678719#post678719[/url]