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  1. Looks nice, Goodluck with your Server, you might catch me on sometime.
  2. Its been such a long time ive been on Runelocus, ive decided i want to give something back, for any up and coming coders/developers who are looking for a bit of fame and a server too basically call your own you have came to the right thread. i have a fully paid for VPS ready and actually hosting at the moment, just with a dummy server, What i wanted to basically do was, create an amazing 317 PI, I will pay for the vps and the site, all i need is developers that can set it all up, in return i can pay you on paypal, Rs gold whatever u want , but id rather not have to go to that cost when im already paying for you to basicaly host your own server for free, aslong as you get players i am happy.. looking for trusted people and dont be offended when you have 3 posts on the site and say u have a coding knowledgbase of jagex.. message me here if ur interested
  3. Looks good , looking forward too seeing way more people playing
  4. [quote name='mule bank']na that ur mother is a slut thats the true , that u are goin to die irl is a true thing , cause u wont life mutch long butch :) will met u soon 32 years old dildo head ;) anyomouswe are anonymous,we never gorget,we never forgive,expect us ,we are anonymous![/QUOTE] [ATTACH=CONFIG]7867[/ATTACH] Do you even english
  5. I have experience in Coding and Website administration, making etc , I know HTML and a bit of CSS , but id rather use a pre-installer for the forums, I'm willing too do it as i have nothing else to do haha , but i cant pay for anything at the moment , I'm willing too put things in that don't cost, also i have a fair bit of knowledge in Photoshop and graphics design. yeah just take it into consideration im only 17 and i have school etc , if interested i don't come on here very regularly anymore but u can add me on Skype - Pixelpwn - cheers Pixel
  6. Yeah might wanna change the download link is down
  7. wow thanks man :D totally stealing ideas an stuff out of this lol
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    haha nope. its my first type of this signature type thing.. but mehhh
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    [IMG]http://i991.photobucket.com/albums/af37/pixelpwn/Siig.png[/IMG]' rate, troll etc
  10. Thank you! lol

  11. Happy birthday :) in 30minutes or soo....

  12. have you portforwarded? if not go to your router and portforward this port - 43594 or 5555 whatever ur rsps is using. And walla, DONE! or go to portforward.com and this will take u through the steps