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  1. [quote name='haiida']If you want a 724 or w.e go to infinty, or any other server, he claims he does all this work but i've played since basicly day one and joined again say 5 days ago and it looked EXACTLY the same, play base, 7 people is the top people it's had and it's been up 2-3 months, sorry to say, just don't put any effort in leveling on here when you won't get any content updates.[/QUOTE]

    Looks "EXACTLY" the same?

    No idea what you're playing.

    Also, please go advertise your server somewhere else.

    Added twitter implementation.

    i.e. Latest tweet thingy.

    Loading prices from grand exchange database.

    Added Vote shop.

    Also, new website look.

    and fixed few bugs.


  2. Asdf

    I did this a while ago, just showing it off now.


    Showing off my quest handler and lost city quest.


  3. [quote name='`Josh']Good luck my young padwan.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks :)

    [quote name='Cruenta']I'll try it![/QUOTE]




    Added money pouch

  4. [quote name='korasi pr0dx']Looking good. Good luck. I'm making the "The Elder Kiln Quest" for my server :) I think I have everything I need to develop it.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks and good luck with it ;)