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  1. [quote name='IvanAteyea']I have the same problem as Craze, what am I supposed to do when I get this error? [IMG]http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd517/agmxbox1/dafukdoido.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] add the damn cache in your data folder
  2. can you scan the java files too? nice release using this w00t first
  3. uhm i have a problem with almost every 317 rsps client it says cannot find or load main class jFrame please help me with this cus militius owns so bad and i want to give it a shot
  4. your source link is down or either removed please reupload source. i might use it since it got perfect dung.
  5. elysium i need your help :p if you can teamviewer with me just send me a private message or reply
  6. please put the link of the cache client refuses to download it and yes i have your client titandino
  7. if you have the source either put a link or send the link in a message to me. or remove post
  8. this is bad the package doesnt contain the source files you trying to send out a virus?
  9. this is stupid it does not save the character file. how do i fix this
  10. ok so guys this is simple im looking for a hoster. if you can host reply as quick as possible. you can contact me on msn. [email][email protected][/email] please i need a [email protected]@@@@
  11. yeah put a link for the cache so people can host the server bro. no rep cus no cache
  12. you would host for us? if yes add my msn [email protected]

  13. i can get u vps and i can codev things for you!!!!
  14. iyaaaz

    need help coding

    give dl link and ill come on as iyaaaz and ill code for you