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  1. So obviously I have either come here to play or code and RSPS... Truthfully, I have come here for both but mostly just to Code and RSPS. I hope to excel in Java (At the moment I haven't even memorized the Difference between a Class in the Java file and the Functions that come afterwards... I don't even want to think about Port Forwarding yet). If someone wants to help me learn Java for coding an RSPS (Not the Killer RSPS but a Functional one) I would be more than Happy to Learn... I don't have any money so I can't Pay for Help. Thanks for getting to know me : )
  2. I'm new here myself OP... But if you want to work together on an RSPS, (I am also learning), we can learn together...
  3. [Unpaid] Coding Mentor for an RSPS Hello everyone, I have dabbled in coding here and there and I have done basic scripting in an RSPS (DeltaScape and Project Insanity)... I am not an expert at coding and this is a huge flaw... I just recently enlisted in a Programming Course and I will be learning from now on (mostly on weekends). I am hoping to find someone that is decent at Coding and would like to work with me on an RSPS... I don't have money, so I can't Pay for the Help... But even a "Am I doing this right" or "How do I approach this task?" answer to those questions would be helpful... I probably will still be a Noob even though I've dabbled in Coding (Not enough to be a Pro). If you would like to help me out, Add me on: Discord: XeroXipher#7116 Telegram: +1(902)297-7830 Email: [email protected]