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  1. All of dae Irish shite cunts raging over Mcdonald's ad like what tae fuck ye gon do mate?? Shitebirds like "a dno, canny figure out what tae do". bollock, ye cunts, i swear.

  2. I've had photoshop open for the last day and I still have artist block. fuck you.

    1. Corncob


      Have you tried turning it off and on again

  3. Oh what the fuck.

  4. wat srvr do u plai 4 wow

  5. Don't make me regret this decision.

  6. Christopher, babe.

  7. Yeah, fuck you. I'm stuck with a Radeon HD 6770

  8. I mean, if you're running in SLI, I don't see much of a problem, but it doesn't sound that... Efficient, if you ask me. I would just stick with dual-SLI 2GB cards

  9. Because fuck off, that's why.

  10. All of the cunts.

  11. I already have you added...

  12. It'll be fine for both those.

  13. Thanks... I guess.