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  1. Hello, and welcome to the new project! We are very excited to show you this month’s server! This month you will see: Alora! Currently sitting at Spot 2 on the Top List, I’m joined today by Omicron! So, Omicron, how long have you been part of the RSPS Scene? I’ve been playing Runescape since 2005, after finding it on Miniclip. As with most of us, I became addicted to it pretty quickly. What initially got you into it (RSPS)? I was hacked sometime in 2006, and it pushed me to try out a private server – I figured I could still have fun and not have to rebuild my bank. I eventually started to tinker around with RSPS around 2007 and opened my first server in late 2008/early 2009. It was a Hamachi server, and if I may say, it failed miserably – but I had fun creating it and it sparked an urge within me to learn more about [RSPS] and create something more enticing and unique. Now, you said you started tinkering with RSPS in 2007, eventually opening your first server in 2008 -- what made you decide to open a server at first? Was it the learning experience of it? At that time in my life I was happy to be able to spawn an unlimited number of party hats and whips! Eventually, I did it to enjoy the programming aspect of it and wanting to learn more. I remember watching Programming Methodology lectures at Stanford on Youtube to learn Java from the ground up, and to unlearn the bad programming habits that I had adopted. I should note at that point there weren’t really any donations on my server(s), so I didn’t necessarily see it as something that could generate revenue. Back then I was simply enjoying myself and that’s all that mattered at the time. Now, for your current server, what made you choose the name Alora? Any significance to the name chosen? To be perfectly fair and honest, I didn’t come up with the name of it at all – An old friend of mine who had been around from one of my previous servers came up with it. I don’t think he remembers where he got the idea from either, but it was short and sweet; Something I wanted to try and move away from the usual server names with “Rune” or “Scape” in them and stand out from the other servers. It also helped that the domain “Alora.io” was available, making the decision even easier. With the “.IO” domain trending already (think agar.io) it was much nicer than having something like “AloraRSPS.com” What do you think makes Alora unique/more attractive to players compared to other servers? Any exclusive minigames, large pking scene, 'perfect' skills, etc? I don’t think we do anything too differently from OSRS – I’ve always wanted to stay true to that from the beginning. We do have unique features that draw new players to Alora such as the Trading Post, and our OpenGL HD with actual textures from 2008 (HD RS). We try to offer our players new content as frequently as we can with as much quality as we could, which usually means keeping the same pace as OSRS. Even with all of that, I believe the most attracting aspect of Alora is our community. I’m proud to say that we host an incredibly vibrant and warm community that is very inviting to new players. With a vibrant community in-game, we also have the most active forums of any RSPS (which attracts those who love spending time on forums). To me, this is something that isn’t quite there even on OSRS, where you’ll be around other players and not speak to them or see them again at all. I feel that Alora provides more a community sense – players really get to interact with one another. You’re constantly seeing the same people on a more frequent basis, even more-so with our Yell channel, discord, and forums. Are there any upcoming updates you wish to let current players and future players know about? One of our largest updates coming up is a Season Deadman mode with real-life cash rewards. We’d like to integrate it into the current server to keep everyone in the same world, which is different from what others have done in the past. We’re also planning to introduce a “Group Ironman” mode which will allow several players to team, train, trade, and interact with one another to get ahead. With the introduction of Group Ironmen, we’re also including a separate highscore to show the most-active groups, and we will have more information about the above shortly! 😊 *Information shown on this blog is subject to change. Information is obtained the day of the interview chosen by the Server Owner and Christof.
  2. https://i.imgur.com/9rSMtib.png Hit 'Change high DPI Settings' https://i.imgur.com/t8BaStt.png Click this box, change the drop-down menu to 'System'
  3. Heard yer throbbing for money and food over there. Need help or something mate? Yer lookin' a bit thin these days.
  4. Is... It it my time to shine?
  5. Well, shit. You might remember me. I was Oak Tree (when I actually played RSPS') back in the day. Welcome.
  6. You can't java, your here to post. ???
  7. You've got the click of death. If it's only a year old, you should be under warranty still. What I suggest is buying a large external drive, and copy the contents of your hard drive onto the external. Once you get your new drive, simply move the copied contents back. Also, SSDs are legitimately a necessity. They're so vital, and so great to have. You can find a decent sized SSD (for your OS, select apps, and a few games) for anywhere like $70 USD - $115 USD.
  8. Alright, you've gotta be fucking with us. 10,000 != 59,429. You're clearly oblivious to the fact that you're cheating, or the fact that you're caught so now you're saying we don't have proper hosting/website lmfao. Just leave, honestly. Your argument has be deconstructed and now you're just spewing shit. Another thing. Callback data is exactly that. If someone is cheating votes, they're obviously going to redeem them for the monetary value in game, right? We do not remove authentic votes you knob. Only cheated votes.