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  1. Hey Guys, I will write a small introduction about why I'm here on this forum. I'm playing with a group of friends on OSRS and on some RSPS sever. But after some boring days during corona we where thinking maybe it's much nicer to setup our own RSPS server. What started as a fun talk and some jokeing turned into a real plan. Because I'm working as backend developer they asked me to setup the server. But I never worked on RSPS sever so have not really a good idea how to start with this. So, maybe you guys can help me starting with this. what we like is a OSRS RSPS server some without custom weapons or bosses, more a server where you can fast lvl up. So, that you can have some fun with "STACKING"' or "BOSSING" or ... (the fun thinks in runescape). Maybe with some smaller map where you can teleport to specific skilling places or enemies. I played for exaple "elkoy" maybe someone knows this I liked that RSPS it was highly focust on the stacking part and on fighting with high monsters and than sell your items on a kind of GE (I liked the stacking part en also the flipping part on GE) # I like the gamble and moneymaking things haha If someone has some tips and tricks for me + some good client en server? If you can maybe help me to start up it will be very kind Please let me know Kind regards, Ashwin