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  1. Welcome to Turmoil. We are a brand new server! Join now and get a head-start! You can play from the website: Turmoil RSPS Also discord: Turmoil DISCORD After an extensive beta, we have revamped the server, cleaned up the bugs and released the server fully resetting all beta accounts. We now have a fresh economy as of 5/19/20! Come get maxed and get rewards in our new discord competitions! ** Some newer updates include curses such as soulsplit, turmoil, and new custom raids. ** We are hosting OSRS GP Giveaways and Discord Nitro giveaways to anyone who joins our discord!! We want to be an entirely new experience for those who love old-school RuneScape. Here you can play at a slightly faster pace and experience the bosses and raids you may not be able to see in the actual world of Oldschool. At the end game you will find yourself facing even tougher monsters, and find an extensive new tier of armoury. Here are some features * Full 180 Data. * Chambers of Xeric * Turmoil Curse has been added to aid in max hits ^_^ * Inferno & Full Fight Caves (Infernal Cape) * All skills in-game trainable except for construction. * Forinthry Dungeon with full Revenants & OSRS monsters * Vestas, Statius, and Deadman Gears. * 200m Skill XP will grant skill pets and 200M Skilling outfit for that specific skill. * Achieving 99 in any skill on the server will give you a donator scroll to use in the ingame store. * Real 07 feel and stats on items. * 07 Kraken * Barrage spell in the same location as OSRS. * Quick Prayers * 100% Duel Arena * 100% Pest Control * 100% Warriors Guild * 100% Slayer * 100% Automatic Bonus Weekends * 100% Pvming over 30+ Bosses and 20+ Dungeons * Server-sided Voting * Help Database * Custom client gif background * Donator Scrolls to buy donations ranks or items ingame to be earned * Casting Veng on others * All NPC's drop specific gear and items to progress further * Dwh, abyssal dagger, abyssal bludgeon, special animations. * Zoom in & out * Prayer Glow * Zulrah, Lizard Shaman, Cerberus, Kraken, Vet'ion, and other 07 bosses! * 3 Food Ticks * 1 Tick Ags * Glory teleporting at 30 wild * Ring of Dueling * Loyalty Titles * Boss Log * Working Clan Chat * Achievement System * Bounty Hunter System * Primary Skilling Zone * Secondary Skilling Zone * All animation bosses attack accordingly to OSRS Data! * Super combat potions, overloads. * Anglerfish 93+ hp heals 22 hp. * Ballista Animations * Instanced Zulrah & WhirlPools * Calculated Dharok Effects * Obsidian Weapons Effects * Fully Working Toxic Items * Trident of the seas(Updated to osrs anim) * Trident of the swamp(Updated to osrs anim) * Enchanting * Working Obelisks * Demonic Gorillas * Skotizo * Dragon Claws * VLS, Stat. Warhammer * Alchemical Hydra & Karuulum Dungeon We give credits to the Valius release, We bought the source code from Mod Divine. It was a great server and we hope to bring life to the economy that truly feels like an accomplishment. With our dedication to making the server unique and continuation of player suggested content, we hope to rise to the top!