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    Building The Team

    RSPS Help Information Hello i'm ZBA, and have an on-going project, that is now in pre-release beta stage. I'm looking for a multitude of staff and team members to come support the project. My admins, mods will receive compensation (still analyzing what this will be) and the other team members will be valued and respected members of the Oblivion community. If you think the title of a position matches your skill set, please feel free to hit me up. DMPOP#3359 Website: https://oblivion-rs.com/# Discord: https://discord.gg/wA4d6HA Team members required Manager Digital Marketing Administrator Global Moderator Mod Server Support Discord Support Youtuber Streamer Guide Master GFX Design Beta Tester
  2. Looking for someone to develop content for my server. For example guides etc.