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  1. I like your name. The tough part about finding a server for me is finding one without pay to win. Yeah It isRough to look for servers
  2. I like to play RuneScape and DevScape. Just pick up a Java RuneScape base and start coding. That really gets me excited and cheerful. It may do the same for you. Gravedig I know
  3. Good news, Darkan is likely going open source. Here's the link: https://github.com/titandino/darkan-world-server
  4. Pros/cons of Darkan Hmm, let me review this RSPS for you guys: Pros End-game not reached No one has killed Nex End-game content has not been reached, wanna be a pioneer? Most people have not reached 99s & no one is maxed Not P2W, content is free Darkan can be used for development training Amazing API for any language, great documentation Custom coded, constantly updated Constantly updated Positive community, Lag-free, staff responsive Scams/botting not permitted and stolen items are returned and rules are enforced Slayer is great, PVM is awesome and hard! Cons No multipliers, so no easy scape. Less than 10 quests There is only 180M non-iron coins in game Dungeoneering is doable but is being tweaked(No dungeoneering pots yet) No non-irons have gotten the end-game items No fullscreen Economy goes into recession a few times a year Lower playerbase(Come play and fix that!) 2012 guides are not quick to find when playing Works best with DirectX for some reason