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  1. Do you miss an EPIC grind on an EPIC RSPS? SeptoX is an 718/RS3 RSPS with PRE-EOC content, loading all Rs3 Items, interface but in the ERA of 2012 RuneScape, the server is packed with lots & lots of Epic content that suits all type of game-plays. We've spent the time to fill the need for PvM, PvP, Skilling, and Ironman content in our development. The Server status is NEW! We're also giving out FREE Premium mystery boxes on the start to excite you for the EARLY GRIND! This is the time to take lead on the HIGHSCORES. SeptoX Features: 3x Ironman modes (Just like ECO modes) Hardcore Ironman mode (2 Lives, ability to purchase new lives!) Group Ironman mode with Shared storage, Highscores and Group levels! Over +27 Epic Bosses Public/Private instances with KC/best time/collection logs - always stay on track with your progress (Introducing Full combat scripts of the Rs3 Bosses Arraxxor, Gwd2..etc) 26 Fully functioning Skills. [Divination, Dungeoneering..etc] Custom Invention introducing Custom Item perks. Advanced Skilling Missions system with an Epic shop, amazing Vigor rewards booster system and upgrade-able Skilling backpack Loyalty Programme +80 Real achievements with worthy rewards for the long run. Many in-game auto-made events. Custom items: You are now going to be able to access Invention Guild and use the Item Fusion Tool to unlock/fuse new Items, these are going to be a new set of Armor/Weapons such as Elite Bandos, Elite Armadyl and Elite Dragons. Those are upgrade versions of the known Gwd armour, but is stronger and boosts your HP! New Slayer system: The ability to directly teleport to your task. Co-Op teams that holds up to 4 players. MUCH MUCH MORE TO DISCOVER IN-GAME! Media: EPIC ADVENTURE AWAITS! WEBSITE | PLAY NOW SERVER IS NEW!