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  1. We are planning to release a content update this weekend come join us today!
  2. Runelocus Community, As of November 1st, 2020 - Zenyte was officially given a new Management and Development Team! We would like to see returning players and new players as we move into the year 2021. We have marked this year the official start of Zenyte 2021 (Remastered) You can find more information about our 2021 project plan by viewing the Development Blog for 2021 here. We are also willing to provide new members with a free upgrade to the first level of donator (Sapphire) as a token of our appreciation. You will just need to inform an Administrator+ on the forums, in-game, or on discord that you were referred by this post! CLICK HERE TO PLAY NOW OR VISIT WWW.ZENYTE.COM/PLAY!