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  1. I love this one, very intersting
  2. smashcete

    Holy Crap.

    ❤️Hello there, I hope everybody is safe and healthy staying at home. ❤️
  3. smashcete

    new song

    I was about fell asleep with your music, it is good!
  4. I'd love to share but I still have bell's palsy. I'll share after the full recovery.
  5. 1) Yellow 2) Dogs 3) Fly 4) Have supernatural powers 5) Shemale 6) Pizza 7) Go outer space 😎 Christmas 9) Pop 10)
  6. I want a giveaway too? Hope it isnt too late 🤭
  7. wow only one sensible post in here....how am i doing? im a bit scared of the pandemic, it is affecting all sectors - political, economically, technologically, socially, and environmentally - in a GLOBAL scale. We thought it only happens in movies, a scripted one but here we are facing this crisis. how about you?
  8. Any parameters of what you are looking for?