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  1. Dxg

    PI Ranging Issue

    [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/vio47b.png[/IMG] As you can see with every range item i use for example [B][U][I]karils bow dark bow crystal bow[/I][/U][/B] They always hit two numbers instead of one number. How would i fix this?
  2. Dxg

    PI Teleport Options Help

    [quote name='BIG D']clickingmost.java?[/QUOTE] It's PI. But what your said is similar but i need like a tutorial.
  3. Alright hey can anybody help me make this? I want it to be like when i click on my tele for examples " Minigames " It opens this as the teleports [I]Duel Arena Barrows Warriors Guild[/I] I want to make it like [B]Duel Arena Barrows More Options[/B] Then once they[B][I] click more options[/I][/B] the same interface appears but it says Warriors Guild. Also how would i set the clicking buttons?
  4. Dxg

    How come

    Check your config files. Some servers actually have it to wear only a certain amount of players can logg on at a time!
  5. Dxg

    webclient bogus

    I think you need to update your java or install a new java plugin!
  6. Dxg

    Please help me.

    Like flawless said you need to portforward your server.
  7. Dxg

    pop out interface

    Try using lins interface editor. You need to make your own custom sprites then add a public void to rsinterfaces.java Then add example Popout.rsFonts; under aclass44=Archive
  8. Try super restores? Is their for your character only or for the whole server?
  9. Items will not go into Client.Java. Find the class that says Item.Java and get the code for the item. Next go to item.cfg and past it in their
  10. Very Simple! The teleports are you wanting to change the name where you hover over the teleport? Example (v) For varrock Or are you trying to change when you click the teleports and it gives you options of the places you want to teleport? And for the coords i cant remember for sure because i do PI but try client.java or player.java Go into the server and do ::mypos and search the coords in those two files above. Goodluck!
  11. Dxg

    Duel Arena Problem

    Alright my problem is people put prayer on before the duel and when they get into the duel their prayer is still on even when you click " No prayer " What would i have to add to make the pray go off once they get into a duel?