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  1. Today's updates were focussed mainly on bug fixes and quality of life updates Lots and lots of new rewards Bug that prevented the completion of Nien Lives quest quest Ingame Tips / suggestions updated with all inaccurate ones removed Bossing timeout bug fixed where you would sometime remain in the area No more getting spammed with vote dialog at Bossing Starting work on suggestions and quality of life Many QOL updates to make an easier gameplay Teleport interface update - all teleports are working Thieving expansion, there are now many npcs to steal from Agility shop merged into the Credits Shop Voting shop completely refreshed Bossing shop completely refreshed https://ultimate-ps.com
  2. Huge updates! Join us with the code PATRIOT and collect a free whip or fire cape! - The Summoning skill is now trainable - Fight Pits minigame updated - Pest Control minigame updated - Donator System is online and working - 3 New Bots added to ::train https://ultimate-ps.com/play
  3. Quality server Ultimate-Ps is a quality RuneScape Private Server built from the ground up using the expertise of RuneScape veterans and the best developers. We understand the importance of providing a high availability, bug-free and memorable gaming experience. Unique by design We are not like all the other servers that you have played. If you are after a truly unique game experience our server is the one. Ultimate-Ps is a mix between the newer OSRS ERA and Pre-EoC. We have created a solid RuneScape emulation that makes the best of both worlds but not without our own custom twist! Diverse community Meet very interesting people from all over the world on our server. Our server is multinational, people from all over the world play. Everyone is welcome we do not discriminate. Our community is very friendly and always willing to help or give advise. Many have made great friendships and bonds on our server. Mature environment We expect everyone that joins to be mature and conduct themself in a respectful manner at all times. We have active staff that enforce ingame rules so that you can have a safe, enjoyable gaming experience. Our mission One of the core values we uphold here at Ultimate-Ps is that we are always looking to expand our team and help others grow. Joining us is a great opportunity to take on more responsibility and make a positive impact to the life of others! We invite you to join us and see why this is the RSPS for you. Join up Begin your adventure Lets go Boyz Say no more Play Amazing RSPS I'm on my way!