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  1. What is Galaxy RSPS and what do we represent? Galaxy RSPS (Runescape Private Server) Is the #1 Unique Custom RSPS in the scene that takes community suggestions to all depths and considerations to make the server a better place. Here on Galaxy we have phenomenal content and most of them have been suggested by the players themselves. What makes Galaxy stand out from the rest of the other 'leech' custom ruse server is that its unique. IT is completely driven by a progressive system that makes it easier for the players to understand and it makes grinding a lot better. You may never find a server like Galaxy RSPS out there because we strive for uniqueness and the amount of care we put into our game is something thats truly astonishing. Our community is one of the most friendliest communities in the scene right now and we are always looking to expand our player base and staff list. Come join us today to have a blast with us. What are all the notable featured content? The features list on Galaxy Runescape private server is so much that its going to take a lot to read all of it. Well here it goes. [*]WE ARE HAVING A LIMITED TIME ONLY HALLOWEEN EVENT! [*]4 games modes including "Veteran mode" which is the hardest [*]drop rate bonuses system and drop rate pets [*]Upgradable drop rate pets (you can upgrade your pets for better drop rate bonuses.) [*]The Most Unique Item Upgrading system (requires invention level and orbs and has a success rate) [*]Daily reward system (login everyday and vote to get a reward) [*]Away from keyboard (AFK) fishing and mining. Get rewarded for afking [*]Vote boss that requires 20 global votes with player votes whom is then unleased and slain [*]Grand lottery system - buy tickets and enter the lottery with top entries leaderboard [*]Custom slayer tasks - kill custom slayer npcs for custom slayer reward shop [*]ingame Donation deal system implemented [*]Progressive custom npc teleports (pyramid system) [*]player owned shops - exceeds 2b coins [*]5 Demi bosses that spawn globally (Wildywyrm, General, Skeletal Horror, Vote boss) [*]Master void sets (optimized pest control) [*]Only server with Invention skill with dis-solvable items (so much item sinks) [*]godly donator persk unseen before [*]custom starter interface [*]Custom star wars minigame [*]phenomenal custom weapons and armours + moving textures and upgrades [*]stafflist interface to view online staff [*]Prestiges npcs and Slayer npcs + bosses [*]and a lot more there is too much lets see some media