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  1. The Newest RSPS Out! Welcome to SuperiorPK! We have a great server to show you, jam packed full of features and excitement. We are a brand new community hoping to thrive. Take a peak at our forums, and hop onto the server and have some fun! Before we get started i would like to give a special thanks and credits too, PROF OAK for our server base. He gave us this great base to build off of to create SuperiorPK! SuperiorPS.US|SuperiorPS.org Owners: Lazy Bear || Khronic 317 Server Release Thread Server Photos: Advanced PK Bots! Classic Fighting Areas: Chance of emblem on kill: Classic Shop Picture, Blood money used as currency. Server ShortClips: Dark Knight Fortress Fighting Main - Tribrid Fight The Dark Knights Fortress Remodel Edgeville Remodel <