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  1. Are you interested in Email Marketing for your server? Email marketing is one of, if not the most effective RSPS advertising technique. Most people underestimate the power of emails and might not be using them to their full potential. I'm 22 years old, currently finishing my University degree in BTM (Business Technology Management). I've always been interested in the business aspect of things especially when it comes to marketing. I've been apart of the RSPS scene for over 7 years now and I'm familiar with how the advertising process works. I've helped a few friends start up their servers and helped manage their advertising campaigns. - I currently have a database of around 400K emails that I've gathered over the years from multiple servers from all types of revisions. - I can send up to 800-1000 emails/hour all going to Inbox on pretty much any email provider . - Direct emails to previous and current RSPS players of your choice straight to their Inbox. - Customized sending email and name of sender [Ex: From "YourServer", "[email protected]"] Per Email (1K Min): 0.0025$/Email [500K+ Emails] 0.005$/Email [250K- 500K Emails] 0.006$/Email [100K-250K Emails] 0.007$/Email [50K-100K Emails] 0.008$/Email [25K-50K Emails] 0.010$/Email [10K-25K Emails] 0.015$/Email [1K-10K Emails] CPC (Cost per click/refferal): 1$-2$/Click - Depending on the Emailing List Note: This method would require a refferal link that can be tracked and visible to myself and the client. Payment Methods: Currently only accepting the following: - Bitcoin / RSGP Discounts will apply to the following: - Providing your own specific Email Lists [Text File] - Providing your own Email Template Design - Returning Customer Make sure to contact me via Discord, if needed I will reply to a topic or message you back on R-S for authentication. Marksman#4840 If I have never worked with you before, I charge a minimum of $15 [1'000 Emails] All email lists provided by a client won't be shared or added to my mass mailing list unless agreed upon. If you disrespect me in any way during the transaction, I have the right to stop the service and only provide you a partial refund for the portion that has not been completed. If I'm no longer interested in sending emails for your server I will give you a 1 weeks notice. If the emailing list requires multiple days to send out the emails, payments must be made daily depending on the amount sent out per day. If the emailing only requires one day, half the payment must be made up front for protection purposes. Kanos - 4K Emails - -