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  1. Basically I have a pvp server and it uses this class file SafeZone to determine whether you are in an area that you can attack in/be attacked in, or if you are in an area where you cannot be attacked, and I am wanting to add a pvp timer so if someone runs out of the pvp area they can still be attacked for up to 10 seconds, to prevent people from rushing and then running away.
  2. Slayer-Scape is based on Arios 498, before Arios went towards another path (i.e. went towards an OSRS server), but we here at Slayer-Scape have decided to stick to the roots and continue the remake emulation, Slayer-Scape has been fully converted to a 530 server. Below will be features along with pictures: 24/25 Skills working with construction being the only exception, but construction is in development. 29 quests to complete with more on the way List of quests you can currently complete in alphabetical order: After careful consideration, we have decided to change the grand exchange from player to player based to automated at market price, keep in mind changing the price of an item will reset the offer to market price to prevent duping. All tradeable items will instantly buy and sell on the grand exchange. example: All tradeable items will also automatically sell on the grand exchange. example: This allows players to obtain the items that they need when they have the cash available, or sell the items they no longer need for some extra cash. As we know as well as others that without a player base close to that of the live game a player to player based grand exchange would fail. Helpful clan chat that all players start out in, if you have any questions feel free to ask a staff member or another player: Experience rates are *25 to keep the exp at a stable rate for a remake, so it's not too slow and not too fast, this ensures a healthy amount of items on your way to that 99! Quest experience rewards are at *10 exp which is a helpful boost to levels when doing quests and makes questing rewarding. Summoning is fully working including pouch making, pouch to scroll conversion, familiar summoning with familiar special attacks and abilities. Farming is complete with all plants, trees, fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc. With correct timers, plants can die, plants can be cured if caught in time. And you can pay farmers to watch after your allotments. Every minigame working from the 2009 time era. Fully working Falador party room including countdown timer if value is high Value of this drop was low Equipment interface Deposit all items in your inventory || Deposit all items worn || Deposit all items in your familiar added to bank Items Kept on Death interface without protect item: Items Kept on Death interface with protect item turned on: Low detail to High detail conversion: High detail resizeable: Dog and Cat pets that start out as puppies and kittens with feeding, running away if not fed, letting you know they are hungry and growing into full grown variants of themselves Achievement Diaries with rewards like on the live game There is loads more content to explore! just download the client and come play Slayer-Scape and relive your greatest memories of 2009! Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/crie0t9xamjex5i/PLAYSLAYERSCAPE.jar/file