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  1. Website: Artex - Home Download: Artex - Play Now Store: Artex- EverythingRs Artex has been in non-stop development for the past few months, with a goal of surpassing all New servers and claiming the 1 spot for a semi-custom runescape private servers. Combined with the skills of a remarkable developer, community suggestions and a well planned budget to spend on advertising, Artex will dominate the scene. We are one of the leading runescape private servers in content and put a lot of effort in design, and developing this to give you a unique experience on Artex! offering a safe and secure place for our players. Although we see a lot of servers don't care much. Our staff is working around the clock to offer you the support you need. The community is so well driven that the updates are all from them so lets thank all those community members, they got Artex to the place it is today.
  2. Hey friends. Im new here and im going to be using the advertisement section on these forums. Please come and try out * We are one of a kind. you will enjoy what we have to offer. I'd love to get to know people from here.