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  1. Thank you for this Server, it works perfectly without lags or something like that. I got some questions now, the first one is just how do i give myself the Owner rights oder change the Name from Drakes Account and the other question is, how do i host this server now just so my friends can play also on this server? would love if someone can help me out with that.
  2. Hey Guys After playing for over 11 Years the actual Game and sometimes Private Servers i got interested to have my own one where i can play with my Friends together and learn how the whole Private Server System is working, because im pretty new here and never managed to run one i am looking for some nice people who can recommend me some easy pre build high revision Servers to start and to tell me just the basics how i can bring it to run offline at the begining. 😊😊 Also if there are some experienced Devs and are interested to help me even more, or if you know someone who can help me out let me know i am even willing to pay for the work. Sincerely Al