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  1. Updated thread to new one. Still active RS3 server just not up to date on here because forums dead lmao.
  2. Update 1.0 - 15/08/2019 [+]Added 3x XP option 3x XP rate is now available You can now revert to 30x XP by using the command ;;normalize [+]Fixes Elite Dungeoneering map loading Fixed an issue with map loading within Elite Dungeoneering Hopefully should fix the nulling issue Withdrawing bonds Fixed an issue when redeeming bonds Withdrawing bonds no longer gives you the wrong item Trading bonds You can now trade bonds without issue Prayers on action bar You can now trigger prayers directly from your action bar without issue Manually triggering abilities Some player faced issues when trying to trigger abilities manually, this should now be amended Corruption Shot/blast Some players faced issues when using this ability Corruption Shot and blast should now work as intended Onslaught Some players faced issues when using this ability Onslaught should now work as intended and drain adrenaline at the correct rate [+]Changes Skilling pets Something in the air was making skilling pets far to common They are now much less common to obtain Effigies I spoke to some of the Dragonkin and they agreed that they were to common You are now less likely to find them Draconic Visage Your prayers have been answered, Draconic Visage no longer shows up as a world announcement when dropped
  3. The Exp rates are not completely set in stone yet, We are looking at setting them between 15-25x. I can't give you the full algorithm for our drop system because i don't know if you would understand it, But the drop rates are fair and not too grindy. And with the boss collection logs and feats and luck rework being fully incorporated into Cywir it should be more fun to grind the drops you are missing.
  4. Yet again forgetting to post on this site due to the abundance of activity. We have implemented 2 large patches since i last posted. All of which you can find here: Pre-release update logs Cywir has also reached a crucial point in its development and is opening its doors to Alpha Testers. You have until Sunday 16th June 2019 6PM GMT. you can find out everything you need to know here: https://cywir.net/index.php?/forums/topic/83-closed-alpha-applications/ & https://cywir.net/index.php?/forums/topic/106-the-last-chance/
  5. Intro Teaser; Latest updates; Update Log 1.47 [Thursday 28th May 2019]; /** Augury,Rigour and Piety icons have been unlocked and are no longer grayed out. Augury, Rigour and Piety icons have been fixed when toggled in quick prayer. Fixing dyed malevolent armour with malevolent energy is now functional. Fixing dyed tectonic armour with tectonic energy is now functional. Fixing dyed sirenic armour with sirenic scales is now functional. Added hidden items to objects which trigger a hint icon when in proximity(More information to follow). Wisps will now give an amount of energy depending on the user's divination level ranging from 1 up to 3. Items which use invention parts or components will now make use of the components and are craftable. Items which can be made using a variety of different items are now craftable and will check the user's inventory for one of the required items(i.e Divine Charges). Cookable items which can be made using a variety of different items can now be made. Invention materials now correctly refresh when opening a skilling interface. Mining divine bronze rock can now yield copper or tin. Clicking the use option on a fire now yields a selection dialogue(Cook,Add to bonfire). Added functionality to cursed wisps. Added functionality to all enriched wisps. Enriched wisps will now spawn every 20th minute near their respective colony(These will last for 5 minutes before despawning).(Eg: 10:00,10:20,:10:40) Degraded items now correctly show item value in certain interfaces. Fixed issues with Grand exchange crashing the client. Added the repair all function to degradation repair npc's. Clicking on the collect option of bankbooths and bank chests now opens the grand exchange. Modified npc combat damage. Made modifications to the way armour absorbs damage. Hit chance has been recalculated to feel more natural. **/
  6. Not going to lie, Kind of neglected this project thread compared to other rsps site, But i'm here with an update on what we have been getting up to at Cywir. We have gone through some crazy development since posting this project thread, to much to put in a simple post. So here are some links so you can catch up on what we have been doing and where we are going; Latest news; http://cywir.net/index.php?/forums/topic/71-website-and-media-overhaul/ Developer Blogs; http://cywir.net/index.php?/forums/topic/63-dev-blog-an-introduction/ http://cywir.net/index.php?/forums/topic/70-dev-blog-bank-overhaul-familiar-overrides-more/ Latest pre-release updates; http://cywir.net/index.php?/forums/topic/72-pre-release-update-log-146/ All pre-release updates; http://cywir.net/index.php?/forums/forum/11-pre-release-update-log/ or https://hastebin.com/gidaramaqu.sql
  7. Information Founded in early 2019, The concept of Cywir was to bring a fun and immersive experience back on the market. It has already undergone a heavy and extensive amount of development throughout the months both client and server sided. Many countless hours of love and passion have gone into Cywir and the effort truly shows. The goal My goal with Cywir is to establish RuneScape 3 private servers within the community. After many months of closely monitoring the activity of said servers there is undoubtedly an opening in the market for a good and solid RuneScape 3 private server. Development Plan The development road-map for Cywir will be quite diverse and unique. I plan to be completely transparent with my community detailing every upcoming update and how it will effect and change the game. From QoL updates to expansive content updates players will have their input. Player and Game integrity This topic is extremely important to me, enough for me to make a section about it. Cywir will feature very few game enhancing aspects with the exception of a possible starter pack, treasure hunter, RuneCoins and bonds. There will be one basic upgrade-able rank which will feature very minimal perks and effects that do not threaten the integrity of the game. Updates (Hastebin) Updates Features Media Disclaimer Any media displayed in this thread is 100% my own work. I take a lot of pride in what i do, So please try to respect that. Thank you for taking the time to read about my project and i hope to hear some of you're feedback. Scythe.