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    Discord - Forums Information Founded in early 2019, The concept of Cywir was to bring a fun and immersive experience back on the market. It has already undergone a heavy and extensive amount of development throughout the months both client and server sided. Many countless hours of love and passion have gone into Cywir and the effort truly shows. The goal My goal with Cywir is to establish RuneScape 3 private servers within the community. After many months of closely monitoring the activity of said servers there is undoubtedly an opening in the market for a good and solid RuneScape 3 private server. Development Plan The development road-map for Cywir will be quite diverse and unique. I plan to be completely transparent with my community detailing every upcoming update and how it will effect and change the game. From QoL updates to expansive content updates players will have their input. Features Core: Skills: Bosses: Slayer: Dungeons: Player and Game integrity This topic is extremely important to me, enough for me to make a section about it. Cywir will not feature any pay-2-win aspects with the exception of Treasure Hunter and bonds. There will be one basic upgrade-able rank which will feature minimal perks and effects that do not threaten the integrity of the game. A store may be featured as well but this will be mostly for cosmetic purposes. Media Home: Interfaces: Bosses: Slayer & Misc Mobs: Random Media: Disclaimer Any media displayed in this thread is 100% my own work. I take a lot of pride in what i do, So please try to respect that. Thank you for taking the time to read about my project and i hope to hear some of you're feedback. Scythe.