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  1. Welcome to New Realm, The only economy server with a perfect PvP combat system for your wildest PKing experience. We are the most action packed game with a top tier playing experience no others can reach. With owners and developers with years of experience in being staff and coding. We do daily updates, we have launched on 4/20/2019.You can check what was updated everyday by checking out The website. We have all skills working, with Completionist Cape, Max Cape, We are also looking for staff Constantly, We are also looking for youtubers that can make vids on our server and gain the youtube rank and get rewards or even paid. We are also looking for beta testers that can go around and test stuff for us and we do reward you based off of how good you do your job! ENJOY YOUR STAY AT NEW REALM! Discord New Realm Portal New Realm Forums Media: Active people bossing Yanille Home location! All Altars Work! Properly! Fog Token Shop Coming Soon!!! Player Statistics FUTURE UPDATES Finish up the FOG TOKEN SHOP. Also add FOG TOKENS to monsters and bosses. Depending on how hard the boss is, is how much fog tokens will be dropped. We are also going to redo every donator zone also adding super donator zone. At every zone there will be shops and skilling to do to make money. There will also be either boss teleports or bosses just there at the zone. You will kill them bosses and get a donator token. Depending on the donator zone is how much donator tokens will be dropped from each shop. There will also be a Donator token shop at every donator zone but different items in each zones. We are also looking forward adding customs to the server not a lot it will not be a custom server where people walk around in all custom gear. ATM in our team we decided to add the brutal whip to the server and some more cool other stuff to kill bosses with. We have a lot in mind for this server and hope to see everyone there!