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  1. Hello everybody, Before going deeply into the point of this thread, even tho it's written in the title, i would like to introduce myself. I am a fresh man, who always had a dream about being able to code and open up a Runescape privateserver. Sadly i haven't got any education yet, but my next goal is to finish the university as a software engineer. In my freetime, i am searching information and watching videos to improve my skill in coding. Now about the PROJECT: First of all i have to say that i want this 100% and i am willing to put a lot of my time into this project. As i said, i haven't got any education in programming, so i am weak at that point. However, in order to that, im searching for a kind soul, who is willing to lead me through this project! Any help is much much much appreciated! PROJECT IDEA: My idea of this project is based on 667-Pk server. I have an idea about, how the server is going to look! This project is going to be LIT! I do have client & source. I can run the client. Contact me on Discord: RunePkz#2942 Thanks.