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  1. I've already seen that runelocus doesn't take down servers because they're not 'the police'. as much as i didn't expect the server to be taken off for this i'd kind of hoped it'd be noted incase similar cases came up in the future and ofcourse id expect runelocus to remove the server from their list. unfortunately i do know runelocus to be #1 and feel they should be doing a little more for the rsps community if they're to keep the role of #1, after all theres hardly any effort behind it so far, a little wouldn't hurt. If its a money thing, I'm sure users would prefer a donation based with moderated server listings/report section that'd make more for you than selling adverts.
  2. Simplicity is a money grabbing server run by toxic asf people including the owner who thinks its cool to joke about cancer, but will IP ban for asking 'are you bored?' after asking me 101 questions about a previous mute that was over nothing.. Anywhere to report this shit? if you're not donating, don't get to comfortable on this server. actually really annoys me to know someone so toxic and irrational is running a community and profiting massively from it.