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  1. Hello RuneLocus. I'm currently in the works of setting up a new RSPS. The server will be based of 317, but will have new content like Raids 1, Raids 2, Vorkath, new weapons and gear etc. I do understand HTML, PHP, CSS but my java knownledge are close to none existent. Therefor I'm looking for a programmer. I currently have the "base", but from what I've heard; they still need a lot of work. And it doesn't neccessarily have everything I would like to have (such as revenant weapons, Raids 2, custom items like donator boxes, mystery boxes etc). As a coder you'll be working on projects that we both agree are managable, often suggested by the community, and things we would like added as well. Yes, there will be money. I'm sorry for not being able to be very specific in this post, I'm just generally looking for a programmer that would like to help and get paid, perhaps work more with me in the future/continue as the server's coder. If you're not a programmer but are able to assist with this server, feel free to also hit me up; Discord: Flashbang#1337