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  1. So I am currently building a smaller server for me and my two friends and for me it works just fine, for my other friend everything works just fine. But then, for my other friend, his Client freezes and crashes when he walks to certain places. Here's the StackTrace https://hastebin.com/woqipufifa.cs The only thing that's different from our computers are that he has OneDrive enabled I am not sure if that really matters. It doesn't seem as if it downloads the cache to the OneDrive folder which is good, it downloads it to where it does for me C:/User/Here Would you guys happen to know why? There was also a small issue where when he died for the first time he's character went back to spawn with 0 HP and he couldn't move, so I had to restart the server and then when he logged back in he was at the Death place and he could get out. Is that also a cache issue?