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  1. TokHaar is a unique server which our main goal is to bring various aspects of Runescape and OSRS together, providing gameplay you haven't seen on an RSPS before. From real HD, BH Caves & Fist of Guthix, to Vorkath and Inferno, we aspire to include the most popular content from each revision, and bring them together as one. Originally we were a pure OSRS server (Old project thread), using a #86 deob. However, after long talks we decided to upgrade the client to the HD 550 deob, which provides the options to use the diverse content that we need, instead of having to pack higher revision maps and data into the OSRS client. Most of our time so far has been spent porting the client, which required substantial amounts of work. Although we have our goals set, we will always listen to the players and community to help develop our ideas and identify anything we are doing wrong. Furthermore, our main priority is to keep the community alive by providing constant updates and polls to help understand where we need to get to be one of the top RSPS on the scene. We have a long road to go to get to exactly where we want, but with time will come quality work and hopefully it will all come together. Stick around, this is going to be something special. Updates 15/11/2018 SUPPORT US Join the Community We will be updating the thread as much as we can with updates and information about the discord & website. We have been in development for a while now and will be putting the work in to make this succeed. Please give us any feedback & comments you can, all criticism would be appreciated and taken into count, however please be as informative as possible to help us understand what it is exactly you are trying to say. On a side-note, our development team will remain anonymous until further notice. Don't be shy to comment :yay: Yours, Corleone