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  1. Lets make some crazy custom unique & overall different type of rsps. ZombieLand. weapons are guns cannons and we can use castle wars as the perfect spot. bandages are our food. everyone gets assault rifles etc. donation stores for better rifles. the higher the team survives the zombies the better the reward but the harder it gets and different zombie lookalike npc's come in. they attack the doors of castlewars.. both sides have to compete against eachother trying to survive against the horde. mage would be acceptable since it can cast multi spells. maybe if someone can make something like this it would start a new era of different rsps's. i dont know. just a thought. sounds really cool but hard.. but hey as all good hard workers say. if you can dream it you can do it.
  2. This is longover due but it's time I say something about it.. You guys know me.. to those who have read my previous posts you know I'm not afraid to speak my mind because I'm just a straightforward no sugarcoating type of guy. Now lets begin. Dear Custom Servers.. everytime I see you advertising a new server on Youtube or any sort of Toplists etc.. I will log in and check you guys out and what do I see? the same thing. Pikachu, Yoda, Abbadon, Bandos Avatar and the one of three same Home areas. Nothing is different. What do you think about what your telling your players? allow me to be the example player. well not the weak mentally type of one. Quick Cashgrab & Lack of future updates. 1: lets start adding some more Npc's different than the others. If you're going to be adding crazy customs like Pikachu's etc. maybe add some bad ass pokemon that other servers don't offer so it doesn't get boring quick. Imagine a bad ass wing moving flying Lugia it's hits could be similar to the Armadyl boss. Now that would be awesome! it would be a boss that requires more than one player because it's Lugia bro. Other monsters you could add Pokemon wise that would actually make a huge fan of custom servers type of guy or girl go woah. a freaking bad ass Mewto/Suicune/Ho-Ho 2: Home change and actually work on it! the majority of custom server home areas I see are so poorly worked on when they promise in their video/advertisement description etc, "one of a kind" then you log on with this thought in mind "finally, a new home area!" just to find out that it's no different than the rest.. Would love to see shops actually organized and not having to run a whole 360 just to speak to Npc's that shouldn't even be spreaded across that far in the first place. 3: Pay more attention to your players suggestions... I have seen so many player's on these poor developed servers giving out so many great suggestions and they get brushed aside. Man I really gotta tell ya.. things your players suggest are what is going to keep them there on your server. Obviously you have a life too and may not be able to complete some of their suggestion requests but you should be very open to their inputs on your game. 4: Vent: It's just time for a change.. it's been the same for months now and I personally do not like to see the same type of thing constantly continuing over and over. If I can just get one person to read this and say hey you know what? this guy actually is right.. if I change things up a bit and throw a little work in that's how I can win here!. "Note: This is just my own thoughts on these specific types of servers"
  3. Indeed true.... for it is not All but the majority.. you are absolutely correct once again though, you just have to weed the few rare ones out.
  4. now that would be truly interesting... I wish you would reconsider and decide to release your own self-made rsps. I think it would be awesome.
  5. Countless servers are being released and to the majority of the players including myself I can comfortably even speak for them when I say "They all give you the same feeling". Whether it is a stolen source, a common custom with pikachu pets etc. / One that feels exactly like Dawntained. A spawn / pvp server that has zero effort put into it.. I mean Who actually is going to make a server that is for once in (2019) is for "PURE enjoyment for the players...and not just a quick cashgrab. I mean, you can easily relate something like this to the Movie industry.. Movies are now constantly producing low - budget horror/comedy/action films that are for a quick cash grab. Need me to explain this? sure it's simple. Lets think about a previous bull**** cash grab movie. The Supernatural/Horror film "MAMA"... It's hilarious how they lured a major amount of people in for such a pathetic movie that made me want to throw up all my popcorn and force them to return my money back for purchasing a ticket. 1: Over Exaggerated Trailers "Showing Off Only The Most Hard Worked Scenes In Their Shit Low Budget Movie" 2: A Ridiculously way to Dramatic backround sounds to fool/lure in the audience that is just so f***** pathetic 3: In-Order to avoid being a victim to these types of movies.. pay attention to the name of the actors/rating and feedback.... the actors for these new shit horror flicks are up-coming actors that need to play a role in something so it's all complete garbage. "Sorry for getting off track" "NOW.... How can I perfectly relate something as I Just said like that Back to Runescape Private Servers"? Every Server you see in their description "#1" <-- note already too dramatic and not even necessary to add.. first red flag.. --> "#1 custom server, well coded all things working flawless" "^trying to lure you in when you log in half the shit is broken^ "2" Playerbase constantly growing! 100m Osrs Tournament Giveaway's OR here's the best one PS4 Giveaway". (funny/true story about this one.. you're gonna want to read this) Quit falling for the common lure. Believe it or not.. three servers whom I've known staff members from for over three - almost ten fucking years believe it or not... who are extremely known in the RSPS community have personally told me how they laugh at you guys for falling for these common lures. I remember just last month a player who won "supposively won" his PS4 was instantly IP_banned.. and the owner actually took over his account and congratulated himself. The guy who was banned laughed his ass off but was also irritated as the forum post stated "first to max will receive a PS4". Listen... we just want something different and eventually we're going to get it.. I see only One Runescape Private Server that has some of the best reputation/hard working developers/staff team I and you could ever imagine that still has not been released as it is constantly being worked on and has proven to be a NON - CASHGRAB server but a PURE ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE PLAYER'S type of server which is a server i would love to donate on because it their hard work just shows.. . I will not name this server but. I'm proud to say out of all these stupid cash grabs one owner and team actually care about the RSPS community.
  6. its 2018 so its not to surprising but wow. just wow.
  7. bro @Ziek` Arcantist. look up "Arcantist Funorb" on google and click images.. one of the best games ever made man
  8. there was so much prestiging going on and working so hard to earn things and to complete achievements bro
  9. it was called arcantist bro. i mean who doesn't love moving little wizards with your keyboard and using tons of different spells from arcane to lighting fire and water.. but i totally see what you mean. .i just think if someone did it it would seriously gather massive attention
  10. remember that super extremely old fun wizard game on funorb thousands of people used to play? AKA - (Arcantist) just imagine how rich you would be within a week. its insane a remake has never been made but if it was my god thousands of players within a couple of months and a few hundred in a couple of weeks
  11. ah emperor omicron my lord. for i shall rejoin thy kingdom of alora & honor such blessings of wisdom
  12. hello everyone. it's time for a new type of runescape private server that's going to blow through the great wall of china. I've came up with an idea it's short but a mastermind coder and some extra help could make it happen & it would be a break through. the game would be called (Nova Gambling) everything you get would be through gambling. you would have to work your way up & eventually be the best gambler in the game but it's going to be hard because Gambling is always by chance.. In the game would be absolutely beautiful Cosmetic Custom "dice" some would have a beautiful maybe Silver to Red "Glowing Effect" when Dice are rolled.. some even Rainbow. If you can truly imagine this with me deep down then you know that this is not a "LONG SHOT" we are talking about the next :SOULSPLIT: ladies & gentlemen for whoever is to design what I have written out shall be a very wealthy person and shall wield the very sword that shall conquer all the other competing runescape private servers. just please include me as my Strategy is far from over & this is only 1%. of the whole thought