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  1. its 2018 so its not to surprising but wow. just wow.
  2. bro @Ziek` Arcantist. look up "Arcantist Funorb" on google and click images.. one of the best games ever made man
  3. there was so much prestiging going on and working so hard to earn things and to complete achievements bro
  4. it was called arcantist bro. i mean who doesn't love moving little wizards with your keyboard and using tons of different spells from arcane to lighting fire and water.. but i totally see what you mean. .i just think if someone did it it would seriously gather massive attention
  5. remember that super extremely old fun wizard game on funorb thousands of people used to play? AKA - (Arcantist) just imagine how rich you would be within a week. its insane a remake has never been made but if it was my god thousands of players within a couple of months and a few hundred in a couple of weeks
  6. ah emperor omicron my lord. for i shall rejoin thy kingdom of alora & honor such blessings of wisdom
  7. hello everyone. it's time for a new type of runescape private server that's going to blow through the great wall of china. I've came up with an idea it's short but a mastermind coder and some extra help could make it happen & it would be a break through. the game would be called (Nova Gambling) everything you get would be through gambling. you would have to work your way up & eventually be the best gambler in the game but it's going to be hard because Gambling is always by chance.. In the game would be absolutely beautiful Cosmetic Custom "dice" some would have a beautiful maybe Silver to Red "Glowing Effect" when Dice are rolled.. some even Rainbow. If you can truly imagine this with me deep down then you know that this is not a "LONG SHOT" we are talking about the next :SOULSPLIT: ladies & gentlemen for whoever is to design what I have written out shall be a very wealthy person and shall wield the very sword that shall conquer all the other competing runescape private servers. just please include me as my Strategy is far from over & this is only 1%. of the whole thought