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  1. Update #9 - 01/03/2018 - QoL Updates, Achievements Game Updates: Media:
  2. Bump - Big update is coming soon Little Sneak-Peak: (Our plan was not to add any customs but Max cape was suggested a lot & It fit in perfectly with our update, So customs will only be added if it fits our content)
  3. Home | Forums | Play | Hiscores | Discord - Client Zooming - Mouse wheel Camera Movement - Shift Item Dropping - Customizable PK sets - Bounty Hunter - Revenants - Godwars Dungeon - Display Name Support - Fully functional World Map - Automatic Tournaments - Unique Clan system - Customizable Fkeys -Customizable Drag - Scam-safe gambling - Normal and Corrupt PVP Equipment (degradable) There's way more! Why don't you just try it out yourself? The following content is just a portion of what we have in stock, come and check us out yourself!
  4. Bump - Join our discord (https://discord.gg/msbTmCv) for Little Sneak-Peaks 😃
  5. Bump - https://discord.gg/msbTmCv
  6. Bump - Our Automatic Tournament System is almost finished - We will be looking for people to help us test the tournaments soon, If you like to become a tester Please join our discord( https://discord.gg/msbTmCv ) & Private Message Vio or Panda
  7. Bump - Join our discord(https://discord.gg/msbTmCv)
  8. Discord Welcome to our Project Thread! Join our Discord to become a Tester! We are using the 614 deob provided by Sushi. We've built Alacrity from the ground up with the aim of providing a breathtaking and nostalgic RS experience. Our Progress Complete - In Progress - Not Started Media: Updates Log: 08/19/2018 Update 08/25/2018 Update 10/08/2018 Update Thanks for reading! If you like to support Us, Please join our discord. Alacrity Team