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  1. bump, join our discord, we havent given up on the project. We are now loading OSRS Data.
  2. 53 members and growing now discord : https://discord.gg/Tdvy3A2
  3. Consider joining the discord boys, 50 members and growing.
  4. bump consider joining our discord, 43 members and growing
  5. Hey everyone, Thank you for all the positive feedback so far, look forward to hosting this! I have been really busy IRL however I will push updates as much as I can when I have free time. Formulae Found a small miscalculation and an incorrect check made in combat formulae, the error lingered around in melee, magic & ranged formulae for the Hit & Block chance. This was corrected. Magic Spells Handling of spells and recognising which spell is used. Magic combat attack on a player/NPC has been handled. After casting the spell once (not autocast) you remain out of combat and do not continue to hit in melee/ranged/magic. Each spell has a five tick delay between each cast. So far just to test, I have added IceBarrage, freezing the victim etc has not beed added just yet.
  6. Asgard is a project that was started and built from scratch by Magnito, with a goal to create a stable and flexible framework. The project was started in the late 2015's. Since i joined in 2015 it has been built on, on and off and it is now time to finally gain some recognition for the work that has been put into this. Asgard is going to be an economy driven PvP server. Our goal is to create a server that meets the community's expectations. We want to bring quality over quantity, and we believe that is the road to success. We are still developing the game, and we will be there for a while, but with your support and suggestions we're sure we will finish in no time. We have also made our own editors and tools to boost our efficiency. Keep in mind that we are always looking for help and suggestions, so please do leave comments with what you're looking for in Asgard! Asgard is launching whenever we finish our core needs for a server. Right now, it is at a stage where we can't keep you guys entertained if you play it. There is way to much basic content that needs to be added before Asgard is even at a playable state. We are hoping to launch before new years but the plans can quickly change.