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  1. Website (under construction) | discord removed Temporary graphics Orion is a 2006 server with a 5x XP rate, a complete range of fully functional skills, over 30 quests, Grand Exchange, Ironman modes and a Guild System among many, many other features. Orion is a very deep 2006 server in terms of functionality as is, and we're not looking to take that feel away from it. While the server is not a remake and we will be building unique content upon it, we will try our hardest to communicate with the community with the attempt of staying true to the aesthetics of the era that we all know and love. We will periodically update this thread and our discord channel with the latest updates over the past few days, until the server goes live. We expect to launch the server in 2-4 weeks and we will be holding several beta tests before then to ensure everything functions as designed. The beta tests in the upcoming weeks will be frequent and announced in our discord channel. Join our Discord server here to get the latest news, and interact with our community and developers. Media A very long list of updates done by Mige5 prior to our purchase of the source... Our work on the server begins somewhere around this date. 07.08.2018 08.08.2018 09.08.2018 - 10.08.2018 11.08.2018 12.08.2018 Credit: Thank you to Mige5 for selling us his source and allowing us to continue using the Orion name. Incredible base to work with and build upon, and high quality server editing tools that came with the package.