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  1. Hello, I looked into creating my own osrs server. That being said i want a specific source code, and i need help finding it if at all possible. I noticed there was protocols or revisions the most common I saw was 317, 408, and 508. I'm not sure what they are, so if you could explain that as well that'd be great. I'm looking for an original "Old School Runescape" source code, not edited by someone for their personal use. I'm not looking for the osrs that has the new items and what-knots, just the straight up osrs without twisted bow and all that. I guess you could say the 08-09 (or so) version. I believe that was when they had things like: Stealing creation and Summoning. I still bowls down to, i have no idea which source code I'm looking for as well as where to begin to get it. So if you could tell me where to get a source code (safely), that'd be great. Ill settle for a standard back in the day osrs source code, but the stealing creation and summoning one would be great. Tell me if I'm wrong I will need?: J.D.K. (Java Development Kit) Eclipse and a application like Winrar (un-compiler) tell me anything else I need please?