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  1. the EXACT same thing is happening to me, cant spawn any npcs or make myself owner or anything, it just does a complete revert back to the "fresh-out-of-the-box" settings, only thing that IS saving is my character, can anyone give some assistance please?
  2. -sigh- i love this source and everything but the insaine pvp client logo is a bother, would like to remove that if anyone can tell me how, if possible, and its the client that came with server so im not leeching or trying to claim or anything, when doing the ::setlevel command atk doesnt train up kinda of a bother, i've dled and so far its great, i just gotta add shops and such before it goes live, also owner commands would be useful if you or anyone can give them to me that'd be great
  3. Again please delete, firefox + my internet is being fail today thanks
  4. please delete, interenet cause a double post when i refreshed sorry xD
  5. yes i did, and its rather annyoing huh? i wish i coulod understand whats going on with it all, have you tried to load it recently ?
  6. yes i did and i also changed it to the local ip so i can play offline still same erorrs
  7. sorry for the double post look at the "Capture" image again i had the wrong one loaded
  8. still the Runesource one that you tried to help me on, cause all the other have noclip bs and are like 12% complete and i still havnt tested runesource like i want
  9. zioniz1

    Need 562 help

    right click the .CLASS files and select properties, in that window you should see "Opens With: Notepad" you can change that to what ever you want, it really dosent affect the running of the server that i know of, but by defualt they are set to open with shell commander which is CMD prompt for windows
  10. Hey guys, i hope some of you remember me from my last help, but today i have a fun new confusing problem, and it could just be the fact that my computer hates 562s but w/e So I've just started in the server sided world of rsps and i have been testing multiple sources to see which ones i like, and some of the sources listed here are slightly limited but when i was testing out some 562s i found one that i like, but the 562 client that came with wont run or take me to login screen except for the client from paladino76 562, I'd love to use that source but the no clipping thing is quite a bother but when i load the paladino76 c562 client, to log into the source i want to try out because i thought i might like it i get this fun error now if im reading the error right, its saying that there isn't enough memory for the heap space, now is it talking about physical memory because i have a 2 gig ram chip and a crap load of hdd space so physical memory shouldn't be a problem, or is it talking about virtual memory, or is just being a pain in the ass cause its a 562? some one care to define that error for me, and please, save the flames for the trolls, I'm just starting out here the second image is a new error that popped up just a few moments ago and it looks like there is something wrong with the url of this one? any advice will be greatly appreciated[ATTACH]194[/ATTACH]
  11. Custom items ruin all private servers, but ill give an "e" for effort mate, looks like it was tasky, won't use, to many customs
  12. Try the search function mate heres something that should help you out Pk Point sys and shop
  13. this is with Mumups stuff becuase i can't get a client to connect to my original 562 i can post pics of whats in the mumups if you need or i can link you so you can see for yourself? maybe im not seeing it idk
  14. Thank you For that bit of info Emily, however with Mumups source there are no actionbuttonhandler.java files did a complete search just now, but i did find a button java, however it mostly revolves around character appearnce, perhaps im overlooking it, and remember this is my first time dealing with any rsps or java code so im still slow to act so i was playing around in buttons.java that i found, and did find the teleport, but after i took out the teleport command i get this new error when i try to build in the edited button.java