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  1. Update 11/02/19 -An issue with not being able to attack your opponent in a pvp scenario has been resolved. -Your familiar will no longer attack the npc you're fighting in single combat zones. -You can now auto retaliate an npc in the wilderness if you're using a restricted pvp weapon. -The bandos godsword special attack now only requires 50% of your special bar (the special attack does work as expected). -The avernic defender now has its expected strength bonus of 8. -The full slayer helmet will now give a melee boost of 15% on npcs which are part of your slayer task. -The Ghrazi rapier can now be obtained from Bellator at a 1/3000 drop rate chance. -Obtaining dragon arrow drops from dragon implings have been buffed - Grand Exchange added
  2. Updates - 19/01/19 -The icon for ultimate ironmen has now been fixed, and no longer displays the support icon. -Slayer helmets and full slayer helmets are now considered as "untradeable" and will be automatically kept on death. -An issue with the serpentine helmet not fully protecting you from poison has been resolved. -The dwarf cannon will now only attack the npc you're interacting with (actively attacking), so long as you're both in single combat. -You can now be assigned Jad as a slayer task from Sumona. Both Zulrah and Jad will not be assigned as a slayer task if you have a duo partner. -The scythe of vitur has been buffed so that the spec now deals 4 hits with doubled strength bonus. It will also heal you for 25% of the total damage dealt with the special attack. -Nex pathing issues fix . -prayer icon tele location relocated. -Ironman store changes. -Slayer store changes. -Item value changes. -Super dzone added (::szone). Updates - 20/01/19 -You can now toggle the overlay of items on the floor in the settings menu. -The Max Cape has received new features: - You can now toggle the max cape to its 3 other variants (melee, ranged, and magic). You can toggle back to the original max cape by toggling the cape you're already wearing. - You can now toggle "send loot to bank". This will send all loot that operates off of a drop table to your bank instead of it being dropped on the ground. This does exclude any drop which does not operate off of a drop table e.g: Ecumenical key, casket, clue, pumpkin, sled, and scythe. -You can now extend your slayer tasks by speaking to your slayer master when you have a task. The details are as follows: - Each extension costs 30 slayer points, and there is no limit too how many times you can extend your task. - You can also extend tasks whilst doing duo slayer. Only one of you will have to pay for the task extension. -Upgrades added for Scythe of vitur + Ghrazi Rapier Update - 23/01/19 -An issue with enchant spells not requiring a cosmic rune to be casted has now been resolved. -A new spell "Blood of Verzik" has been introduced to the Sanguinesti staff: - The spell requires 3 blood runes and 2 deaths per cast. - The spell will double hit your enemy and heal you for 5% of the total damage dealt. -You will now be informed when your friends have logged in and out. -You will now be asked to confirm when teleporting to a wilderness slayer task. -An upgrade to the Scythe of Vitur and Ghrazi Rapier have been introduced. -The strength of arrows have been changed. -Various price changes have been applied. -The right click "show drops" option now works properly for the God Wars bosses. -You can now set your account email address with ::email.
  3. New RSPS Owned by Dean and Danny Download/Forums: https://aragma.co.uk/forums/ Discord: https://discord.gg/EsZZj32 Proudly presenting, Aragma! Active community with helpful staff at hand! Long list of Bossing / Skilling / Minigames Custom items including weapon upgrades! Gambling and Staking available to all! Staff run event's New Content released very frequently!
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