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  1. Update 07/10/19 - A duping issue with the Max Cape has been resolved. - Kraken is now properly instanced, so from now on you'll be by yourself fighting the boss. - All skilling pets will now give you an additional 10% xp boost in their respective skill, when training that skill with the pet out. - Donators can now use the GE Button to acces the grand exchange any time! Not in wilderness - 2 New Magic hunter boxes added to Donator zones - Players can now recieve xp lamps from the vote shop (1 point each) - Armour model fixes - Players can now upgrade training swords by using upgrade shards - Rares boxes can now be purchased via the store Rares box loot table: https://aragma.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/367-rares-box-loot-table/ We're currently facing a few issues with properly implementing other pet bonuses. We're sure that this will be resolved by tomorrow.