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  1. This is a old thread, but just couldn't help but comment. [code] <?php function connect() { $db = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=test;charset=utf8', 'root', 'password'); return $db; } function query($sql) { $result = mysql_query($sql); return mysql_fetch_array($result); } function getCount($sql) { $result = mysql_query($sql); return mysql_num_rows($result); }return $toArray; } ?> [/code] Really? Using mysql_* while using PDO? Just use pure PDO. No excuse. Next, [B]please[/B] use [B]pdo prepared statements.[/B]
  2. [quote name='Surreal']Wait... the other week you couldn't afford a $50 server and now you're hiring experienced developers full time. I assume this isn't done legally either.[/QUOTE] It's 100% legal, if I couldn't afford a $50 server, why'd I pay $300 for one a few weeks ago? All done legally. (hint: debit card/credit card)
  3. [quote name='Anthony`']8 hours a day!? You do realize this is a community of teenagers who have school right.[/QUOTE] I don't see a real issue with that, I have a job and use the computer 8 hours a day, hit the gym for 1 hour a day. Then again I'm up till 1 AM and have 4-6 hours sleep.
  4. cboy676

    Post your Specs

  5. [quote name='Faab234']Why don't you require a framework like Zend? Are you going to write plain PHP?[/QUOTE] CodeIgniter.
  6. We are hiring developers (Web developers). Min. years experience: 3-5 Requires: PDO OOP Must be willing to work full time(8 hours/day). You are paid weekly. For more information please post here or PM me.
  7. Simply for runelocus to stay alive, they can just say "Runelocus is legally not held responsible for any third-party uploaded files/material."
  8. Here is what I will do for you, I can do a complete website like 2006scape was, plus provide servers to host it on. As long as you are willing to share some donations. Plus I can help with server, get some of my buddies to help also.
  9. all I see here is you using a basic java to modify variables in the game to display things like that.... you know, one simple google would show you there is a 10x better bot on the internet...
  10. Welcome to FedoraIT (budgetno.de) where we rob you and then our website disappears, so do you with the money.
  11. I can't believe people still think 2006scape was shut down by jagex. He just ran away with the money.
  12. [quote name='bl00dshooter']They obviously hired cboy as their lead web developer![/QUOTE] well fuck you. my designing skills are no where near that level.
  13. I can do it. I've added ur skype.
  14. cboy676

    Taking guns away

    [quote name='Sethy']They'd have logs of who owns the gun at the time... it'd actually help with solving crimes.[/QUOTE] yeah ill go run down to the fake id shop....