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  1. RS Mod is a modern OSRS framework made from scratch. I'm by no means a professional or grade-a developer, so I'm always open to criticism and feedback, good or bad! This project also has bigger plans with a marketplace where developers can share and sell plugins they have made which can be an extra source of side income for developers. Preview of Marketplace GitHub: https://github.com/Tomm0017/rsmod Client (#178): https://mega.nz/#!HI5VHaSL!0cVg1e9VUXm0D8waqwZmk91Ocxa3ewgbK6U9ONPGp1s Caches: https://archive.runestats.com/osrs/ Notes The client's entry/start-point class is "Launcher" The GitHub page has a README that contains instructions on how to run the server. If you run into any issues just post on this thread and I'll help you out, and if it's an issue that can happens to others, it will be added to the README instructions RS Mod is currently in a pre-release phase and should not be used in production as of yet. Media Acknowledgements Join the RS Mod Discord by clicking the icon below
  2. Grotesque Guardians were released yesterday! Be sure to enter our bond give away by simply reacting to the message in our #events channel on Discord
  3. Theatre of Blood has been completed! Here's a few gifs demonstrating the mechanics (there's been changes since the gifs, such as the rev upgrade for the falling limb gfx as well as the blood splatter when it hits the ground, verzik pillars doing damage to nearby players, and other small changes) Maiden of Sugadinti: Pestilent Bloat: Nylocas Vasilias: Sotetseg: Xarpus: Verzik Vitur:
  4. Over 150 achievements released and 100 more coming in hot soon!
  5. Reaching new heights every day! Master clue scrolls are on their way and then achievements will be worked on. After those two, we will have another poll on what content is going to be worked on next!
  6. Clue scrolls have been released! Give us a try and play now with 80+ other players